What is iMissDreyfus.com?

On March 4, 2013, I lost my dog, Dreyfus. He was 15, and he was the first dog I really had. Losing your dog is something that only dog owners can understand. It's like losing a member of your family. It leaves a hole at home and in our hearts. Throughout my tremendous grief I was looking on the internet for a place to mourn Dreyfus in a welcoming environment, with people who really know how I feel. Since I couldn't really find one, I created one myself.

"iMissDreyfus" is not Facebook,Twitter, or any social media or forum. It's an intimate and personal place to mourn your dog and get him remembered by having a single page out of the countless pages on the internet, dedicated to your beloved dog. Find out how you can add your dog to this website and get an exclusive page in this virtual "dog cemetery."

This website it's not for profit, just for sympathy about how hard it is losing a dog. All revenue from ads are going to Animal shelters in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.

iMissDreyfus.com was created and designed by Yanir Dekel.

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